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Electrical and Plumbing II

We specialize in providing a wide variety of workshops related to Building and Housing Maintenance.

Price: $1,090

4 Full Days (8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily)

Our workshops are regularly scheduled events held in large cities around the U.S., as well as on-site workshops upon request. Electrical & Plumbing II On-Site Workshops start at $15,150.00 and allow up to 15 participants (additional participants for additional fee).


Workshop Description

Finally, a practical training service that gives you "hands-on" practice while you learn trade skills.

Workshop includes:
Electrical and Plumbing Parts 3 and 4

TSA has had many requests for even more “hands-on” opportunities to learn and practice important skills that are taught at our plumbing and electrical maintenance workshops. This workshop is Part 3 in a four-part series where participants are given “hands-on” experiences to gain more advanced knowledge and skills in the areas taught in this workshop.

Under the supervision of our skilled workshop leader, workshop participants will be taken to a higher level of understanding about maintaining the plumbing and electrical systems at their facilities.  Each participant will use a detailed workbook throughout the training that explains how to perform the maintenance and repair work included in the workshop. These will be theirs to keep and use later as reference on the job.  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

Due to the personalized and hands-on nature of this workshop we must limit attendance, so please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this popular training session.


Part 1:


  1. Using meters

  2. Wiring various types of 240 outlets

  3. Fans

  4. Running new circuits

  5. Understanding various lighting issues

  6. Variety of wiring exercises



  1. Water heaters

  2. Pex-Pipe

  3. Gas lines

  4. Commercial toilets & valves

  5. Mold Water Intrusion problem

Part 2:


  1. Understanding waste pipes & fittings

  2. Cutting & repairing cast iron & ABS drain pipe

  3. Replacing a toilet sweep

  4. Installing a wall mounted sink

  5. Installing a shower base & enclosure

  6. Installing a tub & shower surround

  7. Understanding & septic tank systems & grease trap problems

  8. Layout, installation, & maintenance of multi-zoned sprinkler systems

  9. Layout, installation, & maintenance of multi-zoned drip irrigation systems

  10. Plumbing code basics



  1. Brief review of electrical safety practices

  2. Wring & programming multi-zoned electronic irrigation control timers

  3. Working with exterior/underground UF wiring cable

  4. Installing low-voltage and solar landscape lighting

  5. How to bend conduit

  6. Installing exterior conduit & waterproof electrical boxes for new circuits

  7. How to properly mount electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, and downspouts to concrete, masonry, stucco, and wood exterior walls

  8. Adding motion sensors & light sensors to existing fixtures for security

  9. Hard wiring & electric timer

  10. Replacing/repairing electric sub-panels

  11. Adding/replacing a new 120-volt circuit to an existing breaker panel

  12. Adding/replacing a new 240-volt circuit to an existing breaker panel

  13. Understanding & wiring 240-volt multi-branch circuits

  14. Understanding & installing Arc Fault circuit breakers

  15. Understanding & installing GFCI circuit breakers

  16. Repairing & installing telephone lines & phone jacks

  17. Repairing & installing computer Ethernet lines & wall jacks

  18. Repairing & installing coaxial cable & wall jacks

  19. About and installing whole house surge protectors

  20. How to install USB electrical outlets

  21. Brief overview of solar photovoltaics

  22. Electrical code basics

Electrical 002.png
Plumbing 001.png

Certificates provided for all workshop completions.


Minimum Enrollment Policy and Disclaimer

A minimum number of participants must be signed up in order to run any workshop (typically 15).

If minimum enrollment is not met, Training Services Association retains the right to cancel the workshop. If this happens, all enrollees will receive a 100% refund.

Are you ready?

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