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Electrical and Plumbing I

We specialize in providing a wide variety of workshops related to Building and Housing Maintenance. 

Price: $1,090 per participant

4 Full Days (8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily)

Our workshops are regularly scheduled events held in large cities around the U.S., as well as on-site workshops upon request. Electrical & Plumbing On-Site Workshops start at $15,150.00 and allow up to 15 participants (additional participants for additional fee).


Workshop Description

Finally, a practical training service that gives you "hands-on" practice while you learn trade skills.

We recently redesigned and substantially improved our training mock-ups to give workshop participants a more realistic training experience.  Many students are commenting about how easy it is to learn and work on these newer life-size mock-ups.  This redesigned mock-up also allows the instructor to present much more realistic scenarios, very similar to what participants will encounter in the field.  

The “hands-on” approach to teaching these workshops has proven time and again to be the ideal learning environment for not only Beginners, but for those who want to update and refresh their knowledge in Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance.


Under the supervision of our skilled and experienced workshop leader, participants will learn firsthand, in a non-threatening and fun way, how to handle the most common types of electrical and plumbing maintenance problems that are encountered in Facility Maintenance. They will gain a higher level of understanding and maintenance regarding the electrical and plumbing aspects at their facility.


Each participant will use a detailed workbook throughout the training that explains how to perform the maintenance and repair work included in the workshop.  These will be theirs to keep and use as reference on the job at their facilities.  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends.

Due to the personalized and hands-on nature of this workshop we must limit attendance to 32 attendees, so please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this popular training session.


Electrical I:

  1. Safety concerns related to performing electrical work

  2.  Understanding the principles of electricity

    • Power generation, transformers, and voltage drop

    • The meter and breaker box

    • Open and closed circuits

    • Hot, neutral, and ground wires

    • Amp ratings for different wire sizes

  3. Tools and testers for the beginning electrical

  4. Using different testers to diagnose various electrical problems

  5. Replacing and repairing extension cords and power cords

  6. Wiring light fixtures and light switches with different power feeds

  7. Understanding how to wire duplex receptacles in series & parallel

  8. How to properly wire GFCI receptacles

  9. Wiring a switched-split receptacle


Plumbing I:

  1. Understanding a residential plumbing system

    • Supply side (meter, main, cold and hot water)

    • Waste or drainage side

    • Vents and J-traps

    • Shut-off valves and clean-outs

    • Plumbing fixtures

  2. Basic tools for plumbers

  3. Pulling and replacing toilets

  4. Trouble-shooting toilet problems

  5. Using an auger and dealing with drain blockages

  6. Replacing vanity sinks and adjusting pop-up assemblies

  7. Replacing kitchen sinks, air-gaps, and garbage disposers

  8. Repairing and replacing single and double handle faucets

  9. Servicing showerheads, diverters, tub-spouts, and mixing valves

  10. Adjusting bell-drop assemblies in bathtubs

Electrical 002.png
Plumbing 001.png

Certificates provided for all workshop completions


Minimum Enrollment Policy and Disclaimer

A minimum number of participants must be signed up in order to run any workshop (typically 15).

If minimum enrollment is not met, Training Services Association retains the right to cancel the workshop. If this happens, all enrollees will receive a 100% refund.

Are you ready?

Workshop classes have limited space.

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