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Drywall, Patch
and Paint

Learn about the most common types of wall and ceiling maintenance problems that are encountered in Building Facility Maintenance.

Price: $950 per attendee

3 Full Days (8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily)

Our workshops are regularly scheduled events held in large cities around the U.S., as well as on-site workshops upon request. Drywall, Patch, & Paint On-Site Workshops start at $13,800.00 and allow up to 15 participants (additional participants for additional fee).


Workshop Description

Finally, a practical training service that gives you "hands-on" practice while you learn trade skills.

Improper wall and ceiling repairs and poor texture matches are the most noticeable errors in building maintenance.  Participants at this “hands-on” workshop will learn the most common types of wall and ceiling maintenance problems that are encountered in Building Facility Maintenance. Whether you are rehabilitating housing, doing unit turnovers, processing work orders, or remodeling a house, this workshop offers firsthand learning of the skills needed to drywall, texture, and paint like the professionals.  Workshop participants will receive a detailed workbook that explains how to perform drywall maintenance and repair work, which will be theirs to keep for reference later on the job.

TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to the personalized nature of this workshop, we must limit attendance to 32 attendees, so please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this popular training session. 



  • Explanation of the various types of drywall, mud, tape, and patching products

  • Tools of the drywall trade

  • Demolition and removal of damaged drywall

  • Replacing and adding framing members prior to drywall repairs

  • Installing new drywall and corner bead

  • Measuring and cutting drywall for electrical boxes

  • Taping and covering seams and corners

  • Finishing (floating) and sanding the joint compound (drywall mud)

  • Patching holes of various sizes

  • Cleaning up the work site


  • Explanation of the various texture patterns for walls and ceilings

  • Methods of applying the texture

  • Types of texture:  knock down, “acoustical” (popcorn), orange peel

  • How to “blend” a patch or repair

  • Taping off the surrounding area, and clean up

Paint Patch

  • What are hide primers?

  • How to properly blend top coat with existing paint finish

  • Edge-to-edge vs dead ending

  • How to get the best color match when color codes aren't available

  • Blue tape and clear caulking at color change for spot touch ups

Painting 002.png

Certificates provided for all workshop completions.


Minimum Enrollment Policy and Disclaimer

A minimum number of participants must be signed up in order to run any workshop (typically 15).

If minimum enrollment is not met, Training Services Association retains the right to cancel the workshop. If this happens, all enrollees will receive a 100% refund.

Are you ready?

Workshop classes have limited space.

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