• Security Officers
  • Security Officer Supervisors
  • Security Officers and Crew Leaders
  • Law Enforcement personnel
  • Maintenance or other staff who may sometimes have to assist with security

Schools, hospitals and other public places where significant groups of people gather need to be safe.  Emergency Operation Plans need to be developed and in place and staff members need to be well trained to carry out these plans, if they are ever needed.

This workshop’s agenda has been structured to include important topics that will assist Security Officers and Management to prepare for potential Active Shooter and many other potential emergency situations (i.e. Intruders, Suspicious Packages, Weapons, Disturbances, Suicide & Medical Issues).

There will be several templates used during this training that will be made available to everyone attending the training.  The workshop leader has developed these templates which have been approved as a National Model for all schools.  This will be an interactive workshop with hands-on activities, plan preparation, team development & other activities.

To enhance the learning experience, each participant will receive detailed handouts and templates to use during the training, which will be theirs to keep for future reference. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends.


FIRST and SECOND  DAYS:  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

THIRD  DAY:  9:00 am – noon

  1.    Picking a Crisis Team
  2.   Crisis Leadership -Roles and Responsibilities
  3.   Integrated Staff Training
  4.   School Security – Planning, Equipment, Maps and Cameras, Disaster Kits
  5.   Full Template of Emergency Operations Plan
  6.   Flip Chart (All Hazards, Man Made or Natural) Quick Reference Template
  7.   Coop Plan (Continuity of Operations) For Recovery-Template
  8.   Communications Plan – Crisis Team, Staff, Responders, Community and Interagency Contacts
  9.   Prevention, Intervention, Response and Recovery
  10. Threat Assessment – Outside and Inside-Practice and Response
    • Suspicious Packages-Bomb Threat
    • Intruder
    • Active Threat-Shooter
    • Lockdowns
    • Shelter in Place
    • Weapons
    • Disturbances
    • Including other Incidents-Flu, Medical, Assault, Suicide
  11. Hazardous identification and Response (Team Approach)
  12. Documentation, of Incidents, Reports and Incident Briefing
  13. Setting up ICS Command in the School
  14. Roster for the Command Center
  15. Response Procedures for Incidents All Hazards (Practice Drills)
  16. Evaluation

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