TSA will present any of our workshops in any location in the United States as long as there is a guaranteed minimum attendance of twenty people.  The 20 attendees can come from one agency exclusively, or a combination of one agency that acts as a host for a training session plus other agencies within reasonable driving distance from the host agency.

Over the years we have presented our training sessions on-site at hundreds of locations.  We have presented them at Schools, Tribes, Hospitals, Casinos, Colleges, Public Housing Authorities, Native American Housing Authorities and Local Governments.

Some of our training sessions can only be presented on- site:

Normally an agency has several staff members who need a particular training session, but it is too expensive to send them to a distant location for the training, so the agency contacts us to see if we can bring the training to them.   The host agency provides the meeting space for the training and receives a reduced registration fee for their staff members attending the training.  We set up a date for the training, promote the training to other agencies, and if we reach the minimum attendance of 20 people we go ahead with the training.

The major benefit for holding this training on-site is that there can be a great savings to the host agency in travel time, travel expenses, lodging, and meals, which would ordinarily be incurred if the workshop were held at a distant location. Most of the expense in sending people to training comes from getting people to and from the workshop, motel expenses, and food. Also, it usually takes an extra day away from work to get to the training site and another day to get back.  When you add up the travel costs plus the extra days lost away from work, it makes a great deal of sense to bring training to your location.

TSA will provide the training, provide each participant with a workbook, and we will also pay for our own travel, lodging, and incidental expenses.  Additionally, after the training, we will send a personalized TSA Certificate of Attendance to every participant.

If you are interested in having any of our training sessions presented at your location, please CONTACT US or email us at tsa@trainingservicesassoc.com  to get details on setting up on-site training.