This TSA workshop is designed for:

  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Facility Managers
  • Foremen and Lead People 

This TSA training session is part of a comprehensive series of Maintenance Management workshops: “Managing the Maintenance Department: Parts 1 & 2,” “Preventive Maintenance,” “Maintenance Administration: Parts 1 & 2,” and “Improving Relationships Between Maintenance & Administration.”  This workshop (Part 2 of Managing the Maintenance Dept.) was designed to assist Maintenance Supervisors and Facility Managers to excel in the overall operations of their Maintenance Departments. Emphasis will be placed upon using computer programs for improving maintenance performance, work order management, improving maintenance procedures and functions, controlling costs, safety, employee relations, reducing energy consumption while “going Green,” and Purchasing-Inventory Control. Workshop participants will also learn from each other during organized round table discussions concerning maintenance issues. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends. 


First Day:  8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Second Day:  8:00 am – noon 

Major topics that will be covered during this training:

  1. Using computer software programs to make the job easier
  2. Using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access to assist in record keeping
  3. Work order systems – manual and computerized software
  4. Work order management (too many / not enough time / help), staff & budget constraints, prioritizing the different types of maintenance
  5. Safety procedures, rules, regulations & OSHA
  6. Positive effects of building & grounds maintenance
  7. Controlling overtime, leave time, sick and vacation leave
  8. Properly conducting employee evaluations and performance appraisals
  9. Improving interviewing skills to hire better employees
  10. Improving facility inspections
  11. Effectively using and monitoring radio systems
  12. Various ways to reduce energy consumption
  13. Developing a “teamwork spirit” in the department
  14. Some general supervision tips
  15. Handling difficult staff members
  16. Purchasing tips and dealing with vendors
  17. Inventory control, process mapping and managing parts, supplies & equipment
  18. Introducing “GREEN” into the maintenance function
  19. Preventive maintenance & capital planning
  20. ROUND TABLE discussion / common maintenance problems

This workshop is not currently scheduled for this year.  If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.