This  TSA  workshop  is  designed  for:

  • Custodial Maintenance Supervisors
  • Lead people who want to improve the performance of their departments 

Supervising custodial staff and housekeepers can present a special challenge to their supervisors because of the great latitude these employees must be allowed associated with their job duties.  These employees often work in wide areas where they must be trusted and relied upon, and where quality control is difficult to monitor.

Workshop participants will learn how to significantly improve the management of their staff, how to promote genuine cooperation, and how to enhance an independent work ethic among the very people who must be relied upon for just such qualities. Special emphasis will be given to Custodial Administration and Supervision, and how to save the Department time and money. Participants will also learn about Employee Relations and how to solve the most common custodial problems. The workshop has been structured to include many types of normal custodial and housekeeping supervision problems and procedures that are encountered in Custodial and Housekeeping Departments. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.


FIRST DAY,  9:00 am  –  4:00 pm:

  1. Principles of effective Custodial & Housekeeping Supervision
    • What makes a Leader
    • The art of listening
    • Communicating effectively with Staff
  2. The Supervisor’s role in Cost Reduction
    • Controlling absenteeism
    • Effective solutions for tardy staff members
    • Buckets, carts, trays, & trash cans
  3. Safety Hazards
    • Personal
    • Handling hazardous & infectious waste
    • Hazardous waste communication program
    • Blood borne pathogens
  4. Developing custodial work schedules
  5. Establishing reasonable work standards
  6. Round Table discussion on day’s topics 

SECOND DAY,  8:00 am – noon:

  1. The Supervisor’s role in Employee Relations
    • Hiring, training, and keeping your staff
    • Worker expectations
    • Qualifications of a good Custodian and Housekeeper
    • Characteristics of a positive work ethic
    • Motivating employees
    • The art of handling difficult staff members
    • Resolving disputes
    • Promoting teamwork
    • The importance of employee feedback
  2. Maintaining an effective Purchasing and Inventory Control system

This workshop is not currently scheduled for this year.  If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.