Hours, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm:

  1. What’s  in  it  for  PHA  staff  members  to  provide  excellent customer  service to its customers
    • It is essential that the staff members recognize the benefits of a customer service program for the customers (applicants, residents, and Section 8 participants), but especially for themselves, if they are going to be committed to making housing programs successful.
  2. Who are the customers of a PHA, and why are they considered customers ?
    • It will be clarified not only why it is important to recognize who customers are, but why it is essential to understand that fellow citizens should be treated as customers.
  3. A  PHA  Customer Service Profile
    •  Public Housing Authorities are in the business of providing a variety of housing services to people who need them.  A profile of what should be included in an effective customer service program at a PHA will be explained.
  4. Developing People-Oriented Attitudes
    • One of the keys to providing excellent customer service is to cultivate staff members with customer-oriented attitudes.  A thorough explanation will be made as to what those attitudes should be, and how to improve them.
  5.  Telephone Procedures, Policies, And Courtesies
    • One of the biggest complaints of customers is how they are treated on the phone, especially by governmental organizations.  Proper telephone interactions will be covered.
  6. Successful Techniques For Interacting With Difficult People (applicants, residents, and the general public)
    • Housing Authorities encounter difficult people on a daily basis.   Practical, time-tested techniques that really work will be provided for interacting with demanding individuals.
  7.  Interacting With Residents And Motivating Them
    • Positive communication with residents is important.  Motivate them to have pride in their homes and yards, as well as making their payments on time each month.
  8. Tips For Becoming (And Staying) Self-Motivated
    • Once the staff members are committed to Customer Service, it is necessary for them to be motivated and committed on a daily basis.  It is hard to stay focused on customer service, day-in and day-out.  Tips will be provided on how to stay self-motivated every day.
  9. Group Discussion Regarding Customer Service
    • Customer Service can be effective by making certain that the employees of a PHA feel that Customer Service is essential, and that they feel committed to providing it.  The group discussion will focus on that important goal.

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