This workshop has been cancelled-

We have Inspecting Existing Housing scheduled in Albuquerque in November.  If you would like more information for this workshop, you can find it here. Inspecting Existing Housing


  • HQS Inspectors – Experienced and inexperienced
  • Housing Management Personnel who conduct annual inspections of housing  –  All required inspections will be covered 

During the workshop, an extensive display of photos of real housing inspection deficiencies will be shown for workshop participants to discuss with the workshop leader.  Workshop participants will learn what to look for during an inspection to determine deficiencies, how to identify the probable reasons why those deficiencies occurred and the appropriate repairs that are required to correct them.  The workshop will be completely related to the physical inspection of a unit.  The interactive format of the workshop will involve an extensive group exchange between the participants and the workshop leader regarding the agenda topics, with the end result being a full understanding of the inspection process, including recognizing a variety of deficiencies.


Day One:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm,  Day Two:  8:00 am – noon


  1. The process of conducting a thorough inspection – inspecting the property and writing up the report based upon the findings
  2. Tools to improve inspections and document problems for the record
  3. Using digital pictures, batch naming and organizing pictures into computer folders
  4. Site & grounds inspection:  driveways, sidewalks, patios, fences, & yard
  5. Inspecting the exterior of buildings:  roofs, flashing & trim, siding, gutters & downspouts, chimneys, windows, exterior doors, foundations
  6. Inspecting the interior of the building:  walls, ceilings, interior doors, stairs, & flooring
  7. Inspecting utility spaces:  attics, basements, carports, & garages
  8. Inspecting the operation & condition of operating systems: electrical, plumbing, heating, mechanical, water wells, & septic systems
  9. Safety related to fire prevention, electrical systems, fixtures, slips, trips, & falls
  10. Inspecting home appliances: ovens, stoves, & refrigerators
  11. Signs that there is lead-based paint & asbestos in the building
  12. Special electrical considerations: service entrances, sub-panels, grounding, bonding, fuses & breakers, GFCIs, arc fault breakers, & reversed polarity
  13. Special plumbing considerations: copper tubing, iron pipe, polybutyl tubing, PVC, and PEX tubing
  14. Using & completing the HQS inspection forms
  15. Improving written inspection reports
  16. Follow-up procedures after completion of the inspection
  17. Recommended solutions to problems found during inspections
  18. Roundtable discussion during the workshop to share information, to network, & to ask questions of the instructor

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