This TSA workshop  is  designed  for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn “hands-on“ how to frame & apply stucco siding 

This new “hands-on“ training session covers both rough framing and stuccoing exterior walls.  Workshop participants will gain the knowledge, skills, and techniques so that they will understand about the importance of lumber, plan-reading, framing layout, and the correct process in putting a building together.  Additionally, they will learn how to properly stucco a wall and make repairs to it.

Each participant will receive a detailed workbook that explains how to frame a building (floors, walls ceilings, and roofs) and how to stucco exterior walls.  The workbook will be theirs to keep for reference later on the job.

FrameRoof (5)The workshop leader is highly skilled in the carpentry trades and is a licensed general contractor plus a certified home and building inspector. His down-to-earth, energetic teaching style, and the individual attention that he pays to his workshop participants makes the “hands-on“ learning experience easy, and a lot of fun!  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the personalized nature of this workshop, we must limit attendance. Please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this new training session. 


 FIRST and SECOND Days, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  1. Introduction to the Framing Trade
    • Identifying the different materials used in framing
    • Types, sizes, & grades of lumber
    • Learning how to use the various tools
    • Correct use of hangers, clips, nails, & other fasteners
    • Safety concerns for the construction trades
  2. Reading blueprints & plans
    • Understanding common construction terms
    • Understanding the symbols for plumbing, electrical, TV, phone, framing
    • Learning how to “read“ a blueprint
    • Following plans for rough plumbing & electrical
    • Understanding common building codes for framing
  3. Framing
    • Laying out wall sections
    • How to properly square & find plumb
    • Adding temporary bracing while under construction
    • Framing for doors & windows
    • Framing for floors & roofs
    • Framing concerns for stairs
  4. Additional framing topics
    • Special considerations for protecting pipes & wires
    • Installing backing for stair railings, cabinets, shelving, fixtures, etc.
    • Making sure sheetrock nailers are added for drywall
    • Installing fire-blocking according to code
    • Working with adhesives & foam
    • Tips on working with metal studs
    • The final framing inspection
  5. Applying stucco to exterior walls
    • Understanding the stucco process
    • Materials and tools used in applying stucco
    • Proper stucco application
    • Texturing stucco walls
    • Stucco repairs


  1. Construction of walls, ceilings, floors, & roofs
  2. Rough-in of openings for doors, windows, & ceiling penetrations
  3. Framing for closets
  4. Installing sheathing
  5. Constructing corners and partition Ts
  6. Bracing walls and ceilings
  7. Floor framing
  8. Application of new stucco & repairing stucco walls

If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.