This TSA workshop is designed for:

  • Entry level Maintenance Staff needing an introduction to the plumbing trade
  • Experienced Techs wanting to review and/or update their knowledge
  • Office and Management Personnel wishing to learn more about plumbing repairs
  • Home Ownership and Resident Counselors
  • Any other trade technicians who require cross-training

This 2-day hands-on plumbing workshop is a beginner-friendly workshop, and attending this class requires no previous knowledge or experience with plumbing systems or plumbing repairs. Experienced techs also enjoy this workshop as a way to keep up with the ever-changing world of plumbing. This class will cover many of the updated advances in tools and techniques that are available. The class will also include discussions about the pros and cons of various new products and improvements in the Plumbing Field.

We recently redesigned and substantially improved our training mock-ups to give workshop participants a more realistic training experience. Many students are commenting about how easy it is to learn and work on these newer life-size mock-ups. This redesigned mock-up also allows the instructor to present much more realistic scenarios, very similar to what attendees will encounter in the field.

This workshop was designed to provide a comfortable environment for each participant to learn in, and to practice some of the most common plumbing repairs. Students will gain first-hand knowledge about fixing and troubleshooting many common plumbing problems, including: repair of broken pipes, leaky faucet repairs, toilet problems, sewer back-ups, replacement of shower fixtures, installing sinks and garbage disposers, and other repairs. Participants will return to their agencies/facilities with an understanding of the importance of maintaining their plumbing systems, and they will be able to begin performing repairs and installations. Any necessary tools will be provided for use during the class, and a detailed workbook will be included for each student to take with him or her to use later as an on-the-job reference. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.


Two days: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major topics that will be covered during this training:

  1. Understanding a residential plumbing system
    • Supply side (meter, main, cold and hot water)
    • Waste or drainage side
    • Vents and J-traps
    • Shut-off valves and clean-outs
    • Plumbing fixtures
  2. Basic tools for plumbers
  3. Pulling and replacing toilets
  4. Trouble-shooting toilet problems
  5. Using an auger and dealing with drain blockages
  6. Measuring and cutting out sink-holes into new Formica countertops
  7. Replacing vanity sinks and adjusting pop-up assemblies
  8. Replacing kitchen sinks, air-gaps, and garbage disposers
  9. Repairing and replacing single and double handle faucets
  10. Servicing showerheads, diverters, tub-spouts, and mixing valves
  11. Adjusting bell-drop assemblies in bathtubs
  12. Locating and repairing water leaks
  13. Servicing and replacing shut-off valves, angle stops and sillcocks
  14. Dealing with broken underground water pipes
  15. Proper measurement and dry fitting of pipe
  16. Cutting, soldering and repairing copper pipe
  17. Correctly installing compression fittings on copper pipe
  18. Installing Shark-Bite fittings to repair supply-side pipes
  19. Identifying different types of pipes and their fittings
  20. Cutting and gluing plastic pipes (PVC, ABS, CPVC)
  21. Specialty plumbing tools and their uses

If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.