• Maintenance and Construction staff who would like to learn “hands-on” tips and techniques for installing and replacing windows & doors

Installing new windows requires special skills and techniques to make sure that they are installed properly so that they are plumb, level, properly positioned, weather-stripped, and insulated.  Installing new doors requires specific carpentry skills so that they are hung and correctly fit related to swings, closing, and latching.

Replacing windows also takes special skills because the old windows need to be removed, and new windows need to be fashioned to fit in the HOWindows&Doorsexisting openings.  Hanging replacement slab doors requires critical knowledge because the doors and/or the doorjambs must be altered to make the new door fit and latch properly.  Adjustments need to be made to the doorjamb to make the new door fit and look good cosmetically.

Participants at this “hands-on” workshop will learn how to install windows in new construction, and replace existing windows. They will learn how to hang and adjust pre-hung doors, and replace doors in existing doorjambs.  Whether you are rehabilitating housing, performing unit turnovers, processing work orders, or remodeling a house/building, this workshop offers you the first-hand skills needed to replace doors and windows. Each participant will receive a detailed workbook that explains how to install and adjust windows & doors, which will be theirs to keep for reference on the job.

The workshop leader is skilled in the carpentry trades, and is also a licensed general contractor and home and building inspector.  His down-to-earth, energetic teaching style and the individual attention he pays to his workshop participants makes the hands on learning experience easy AND a lot of fun!  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the personalized nature of this workshop, TSA must limit attendance.  Please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this new training session.


FIRST and SECOND Days, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  1. Introduction
    • Understanding the different types of doors & windows
    • Identifying the tools used for hanging doors & installing windows
    • Understanding door & window symbols for reading blueprint details
    • Knowing common building codes for door & window placement
    • Tips for ordering replacement doors (swing types), windows, & glass
    • Cost-effective purchasing for windows & doors
    • Safety concerns & security issues
  2. Replacing Doors
    • Demolition tips for removal of damaged doors & jambs
    • Understanding the differences between interior, exterior, & closet doors
    • Replacing an existing door with a “slab-door”
    • Mortising for hinges, and drilling for door hardware
    • Cutting, beveling, planning a new door to fit an existing jamb
    • Building a door jamb on-site
    • Replacing a door & jamb with a “pre-hung” door
    • Shimming a doorjamb to be square & plumb
    • Tips on adding door trim to the casing
    • Installing the doorknob hardware, deadbolt, peephole, etc.
    • Understanding the various adjustments for different doors
    • Installing closet doors (sliding tracks, hanging tracks, & bi-folds)
    • Thresholds, weather-guards, & weather-stripping for exterior doors
    • Finishing tips: filling holes, sanding, caulking, sealing, & painting
  3. Replacing Windows
    • Demolition tips for removal of old or damaged windows
    • Understanding the different types of windows & glass
    • Tips on glazing windows (cutting glass), & re-glazing an existing window
    • How to replace a window in an existing wall
    • Installing windows in new wall construction
    • Considerations for installing windows in block walls
    • Exterior siding issues for various window installations
    • Tips on caulking, trimming, painting, & finishing the window


  1. Installing windows in new wall construction
  2. Installing pre-hung exterior doors
  3. Installing pre-hung interior doors
  4. Using a router to mortise hinges and bevel doors
  5. Installing closet doors (sliding and bi-fold)
  6. Replacing interior, exterior, and closet doors
  7. Using door jigs
  8. Replacing an old door with a new door in an existing jamb
  9. Adjusting doors to hang and close properly

If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.