Carpeting, Ceramic & Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl

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  • Maintenance staff who install and/or repair any type of flooring
  • Construction and rehabilitation staff who install flooring

Proper installation of flooring products is essential, whether it be for ceramic or vinyl tile, sheet vinyl or carpeting.  At this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to install various flooring types by actually installing them on mock-up floors and then learn how to make flooring repairs.

Through this hands-on experience and under the direct supervision of our experienced workshop leader, participants will learn the entire job of installing all types of flooring (ceramic tile, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, laminate wood flooring, and carpeting) beginning with surface preparation, layout, making cuts, and installation. Workshop participants will learn to make difficult tile cuts, such as circles and U-shapes, and then they will set tiles and grout the ceramic tile job. They will also repair flooring that has been damaged by replacing broken and cracked tiles, repairing cuts or damaged spots in sheet vinyl or carpeting, and learn how to solve problems when there is no matching tile available to do repairs.

During the hands-on portion of the workshop, we will use a series of individual work stations where workshop participants will install the various types of flooring.  There will also be a special cutting station where workshop attendees will use the necessary tools of the trade to make normal and difficult cuts. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

NOTE:   Due to the personalized nature of this workshop, and the high demand for it, TSA must limit attendance.  Please pre-register early to ensure your spot.


First & Second Days, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm … Third Day, 8:00 am – Noon
  1. Installing Ceramic Tile
    • Understanding the different sizes and types of ceramic tile
    • Knowing the different types of backer-board and adhesives
    • Different considerations for laying tile on wood sub floors & concrete
    • How to properly lay out a tile job
    • Cutting and installing backer-board (cement board, tile board)
    • Using snap cutters and wet saws to make straight cuts
    • Making special cuts – pipes, electrical boxes, door jambs & contours
    • Mixing and using the right adhesives
    • How to properly set tile using the right sized spacers
    • Using speed set to save labor costs
    • Checking the tile before it sets up
    • General safety & eye protection
  2. Finishing the Tile Job
    • Understanding different types of grout
    • Mixing and applying grout
    • Cleaning the tile and sealing it
    • Choosing the right sealer
  3. Repairing Tile and Grout
    • Tips for removal of broken or loose tile
    • Repairing or replacing grout
    • Maintenance and cleaning tips for ceramic tile
    • Solutions for replacing tiles that have no match (i.e. mosaics, etc.)
  4. Installing and Repairing Vinyl flooring (sheet vinyl and Vinyl tile)
    • Choosing the best vinyl flooring for your needs
    • Floor preparation – cleaning & leveling
    • Layout and seam placement
    • Using the correct adhesive
    • Making cuts around pipes, corners, door jambs & walls
    • Seam sealers and sealing tips
    • Installing rubber cove base if needed at walls
    • Remove and replace tile
    • Cleaning glue off tile
    • Installing transition strips
    • Vinyl tile replacement and sheet vinyl repairs
  5. Installing and Repairing Carpeting
    • Understanding the various carpet types
    • Floor preparation – cleaning & leveling
    • Layout & placement of seams
    • Installing tack strips
    • Making cuts around pipes, corners, door jambs & walls
    • How to make a seam
    • Using installation equipment – kicker, seam iron, carpet knives
    • Carpet repairs

To REGISTER for this workshop, select the date and location in the box below.