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This  TSA  workshop  is  designed  for:

  • Maintenance Personnel in Facility Maintenance who would like to increase their knowledge and skills in the areas of Plumbing & Electrical Maintenance

TSA has had many requests for even more “hands-on” opportunities to learn and practice important skills that are taught at our plumbing and electrical maintenance workshops. This workshop is Part 3 in a four-part series where participants are given “hands-on” experiences to gain more advanced knowledge and skills in the following areas: 


  • Water heaters
  • Pex-Pipe
  • Gas lines
  • Commercial toilets & valves
  • Mold Water Intrusion problem


  • Using meters
  • Wiring various types of 240 outlets
  • Fans
  • Running new circuits
  • Understanding various lighting issues
  • Variety of wiring exercises

Under the supervision of our skilled workshop leader, workshop participants will be taken to a higher level of understanding about maintaining the plumbing and electrical systems at their facilities.  Each participant will use a detailed workbook throughout the training that explains how to perform the maintenance and repair work included in the workshop. These will be theirs to keep and use later as reference on the job.  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training. 

Due to the personalized nature of this workshop we must limit attendance, so please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this training session.


First and Second Days:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm; Third Day:  8:30 am – noon
  1. Review of the residential plumbing system
  2. Using Pex-Pipe for new installations & repairs
  3. Working with gas piping (rigid, CSST & flex connectors)
  4. Replacing & servicing gas & electric water heaters
    • Expansion tanks – TPR Valves – Gas burner maintenance –
    • thermostat replacement – anode replacement – testing & replacing elements
    • single wall & type B vent piping – Watts 210 gas regulators
    • proper strapping techniques – maintenance tips/schedules)
  5. Trouble-shooting & servicing Pressure Assisted Toilets
  6. Maintaining & trouble-shooting commercial (Sloan) valves
  7. Retrofitting, installing, & maintaining auto-electronic bathroom fixtures
  8. Installing & maintaining waterless urinals
  9. How to troubleshoot water intrusion using a moisture meter
  10. Mold education, prevention, & remediation
  11. Flood cleanup & water extraction tips
  12. Pressure regulator maintenance tips
  13. Retrofitting & maintaining dual flush toilets
  14. Installing & maintaining tankless water heaters
  15. Overview of hybrid water heaters
  16. Advantages of water saving shower heads
  17. Plumbing code basics


  1. Review of electrical safety practices
  2. How to use a digital and/or analog multi-meter
  3. Using electrical testers to:
    • Troubleshoot wiring problems-Find short circuits
    • Troubleshoot electric ranges, electric baseboard & wall heaters
    • Test cartridge fuses, fuse blocks, screw-in fuses, and circuit breakers
  4. Wiring and replacing a 15 amp, 240 volt window air conditioner outlet
  5. Installing and wiring an isolated ground receptacle
  6. Replacing a 240 volt appliance plug/power cord
  7. Running new circuit wires through walls, floors, and suspended ceilings
  8. Installing and properly mounting a ceiling fan
  9. Hard wiring smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  10. Replacing a 220/240 volt appliance receptacle (30 & 50 amp)
  11. Replacing and servicing range hood and bathroom vent fans
  12. Installing recessed lighting
  13. Installing raceway wiring (wire moulding)
  14. Cutting and installing Metal Clad (MC) cable
  15. Testing, repairing, and replacing a thermostat
  16. Understanding and wiring fused switches and receptacles
  17. Fluorescent lighting fundamentals
  18. Troubleshooting lighting ballasts
  19. Energy efficient lighting suggestions
  20. Troubleshooting track lighting
  21. Energy efficient lighting – CFLs verses LEDs
  22. How to install vacancy sensor switches
  23. How to install occupancy sensor switches
  24. Electrical code basics

    To REGISTER for this workshop, select the date and location in the box below.

PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop needs to be registered for individually OR you can make a note in the comments section of the registration form that you plan to attend BOTH Part 3 and Part 4. If you do this, you do not have to fill in the registration form again for Part 4.

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