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This TSA  workshop  is  designed  for:

  • Maintenance and Construction staff who would like to learn techniques for the finish work when installing and replacing windows & doors

Participants at this hands-on workshop will learn how to do the finish work on doors and windows in new construction, and remodeled doors and windows. Each participant will receive a detailed workbook that explains how to install and adjust windows & doors, which will be theirs to keep for reference on the job.

This part 2 doors and windows workshop covers the finish work aspect of the industry. All mechanical and installation aspects are covered in the first workshop, Hands-On Doors and Windows Part 1: Installation preceding this one.  TSA certificates will be presented to all who attend this training.


Both Days, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  1. Understanding the different trim materials: MDF paint grade trim, stain grade trim, finger joint paint grade trim, frame expanders & accessory pieces, jamb extensions
  2. Identifying the tools used for finishing doors & windows
  3. Finishing tips: filling holes, sanding, caulking, sealing & painting
  4. Different types of trim, window casing and miters
  5. Aprons and skirt boards
  6. Different types of caulking and techniques
  7. Stucco patch and drywall patch related to replacement installation
  8. The importance of the installation checklist
  9. Alarm wire complications and options
  10. Knowing your job description – responsibilities of the lead installer versus the assistant installer

 Hands-on Activities

  1. Trim carpentry – aprons, skirts, door & window casings, jamb extensions & accessory pieces
  2. Drywall patch
  3. Interior & exterior caulking
  4. Stucco patch
  5. Door & window plugs and filling nail holes
  6. Touch-up techniques to repair damaged units
  7. Hardware installation

To REGISTER for this workshop, select the date and location in the box below.

PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop needs to be registered for individually OR you can make a note in the comments section of the registration form that you plan to attend BOTH Part 1 and Part 2. If you do this, you do not have to fill in the registration page again for Part 2.

For information on the companion workshop: Hands-on Doors and Windows Part 1: Installation