• Anyone who would like to learn “hands-on” tips & techniques for pouring concrete slabs and laying block walls

HO Concrete&Block2This is an important Entry Level workshop for learning how to mix and order material for concrete work, how to mix mortar that is used in building block walls, and how to repair masonry walls. Stucco repairs on masonry walls will also be covered, as well as repair techniques for concrete.  A digital slide presentation of most of the topics on the agenda will be followed by the “hands-on” projects of pouring slabs and building a block wall.

Participants at this TSA workshop will learn how to read foundation and slab layout plans, lay a slab & foundation, set & level forms, tie rebar & lay screening, mix & pour concrete, tamp concrete, finish the slab using a variety of tools, and the proper removal of forms.  Participants will also lay out and build a cement block wall, stucco the wall, and then learn repair techniques for both masonry & stucco walls.

The workshop leader is highly skilled in the building trades, and is also a licensed general contractor, as well as a home and building inspector.  His down-to-earth, energetic teaching style and the individual attention he gives to his workshop participants makes the “hands-on” learning experience easy AND a lot of fun!  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training.

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to the personalized nature of this workshop TSA must limit attendance.  Please preregister early to ensure your spot at this training session. 


FIRST and SECOND Days, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, THIRD Day, 8:00 am – NoonHO Concrete&Block3
Major topics that will be covered during this training:
  1. Introduction to Concrete
    • Tools of the trade for concrete work
    • Understanding the different properties of types of concrete
    • How to properly mix cement
    • Different ways to shape, hold, & form concrete while it “sets”
    • Understanding footings, foundations, & sidewalks, etc.
    • Factors that affect curing times
  2. Job Site Evaluation
    • Assessing the job site, & site preparation
    • Determining the correct concrete mix for each job
    • Ordering concrete for larger jobs
    • Choosing wire & rebar, and post-tension alternatives
    • How to read the plans related to the placement of concrete forms
    • Understanding the elevations & layout of the job
    • Knowing where & when to use expansion joints
  3. Working with Concrete
    • Understanding the “time-line” for concrete work
    • Using different types of forms, wire, & rebar
    • Setting & leveling the concrete forms
    • Protecting & allowing for plumbing & electrical lines
    • Taking into account any framing anchors
    • Procedures for “pouring” the concrete into the forms
    • Concrete testing procedures
    •  Different ways of finishing, and types of finishing methods
    • Proper removal of the concrete forms
    • Tips on repairing foundations, footings, & slabs
  4. Brick & Block Laying Basics
    • Understanding different types & sizes of block & brick
    • Mixing mortar for block laying
    • How to properly lay a block wall
    • Creating & using a water-level for wall construction
    • Repairing & adding stucco to a block wall
    • Repairing a masonry wall


  1. Form layout, setting, and leveling
  2. Properly mixing concrete by hand
  3. Mixing mortar for block laying
  4. Laying a block wall
  5. Creating a “water level” for use in wall construction
  6. Stuccoing a block wall
  7. Repairing the stucco on a block wall
  8. Repairing masonry walls
  9. Using trowels, bull floats, tampers, a screed, levels and a transit

If you would like to have more information about holding this workshop in your area, please CONTACT US.  Be sure to tell us in the message section which workshop(s) you are interested in.