• Maintenance staff who would like to learn the basic skills of building, installing, and repairing cabinets & counter tops

Agencies have a choice of either refurbishing old kitchen and bath cabinets and counter tops, or replacing them when they decide to improve their properties. In this time of tight budgets, many agencies are choosing to build or restore because it is often more cost effective since many new cabinets on the market are expensive and frequently poorly made. In addition to building or restoring kitchen and bath cabinets and counter tops, building them for laundry rooms, offices, storage rooms, garages, utility rooms, and Maintenance shops can significantly improve the function and value of a property. Knowing how to build and refurbish cabinets and counter tops is a very beneficial skill for Maintenance personnel to possess, both on the job and off.

This TSA workshop was developed at the request of Maintenance Departments around the country that want to give their employees a basic working knowledge of building, installing, and repairing cabinets and counter tops at their facilities.

Participants will learn hands-on how to properly use the most common tools needed for cabinet building. While working in small groups, they will learn, firsthand, the cabinet making techniques on the agenda. Our skilled workshop leader, who is noted for making learning easy and fun, will take participants step-by-step, from the beginning of their assigned projects, to their successful completions. Participants will also learn how to repair cabinet doors, counter tops, and they will work with cabinet hardware.

Each participant will receive a detailed workbook that explains the basics of building and repairing cabinets and counter tops, which will be theirs to keep for reference later on the job. TSA certificates will be presented to all those who attend.

Due to the personalized nature of this workshop, we must limit attendance so please pre-register early to ensure your spot at this training session.

Anyone who is NEW to the Wood-working Trade should first attend our ”Hands-on” Introduction to Carpentry Workshop before attending this workshop.

First and Second Days: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



1. Understanding the various types of cabinets
2. Materials used for building paint-grade cabinets
3. Special concerns for dealing with laminated materials
4. How to use a circular saw and fence to cut straight edges in the field
5. Methods for building the cabinet boxes
6. Common ways for adding shelf supports
7. How to account for the “toe-kick” area
8. Methods for making the face-frames
9. How to build the drawers and drawer-fronts
10. Different methods for making cabinet doors
11. Common drawer-slide and door-hinge options
12. Methods for laying-out and installing a set of cabinets
13. Measuring, cutting and installing the trim pieces
14. Hanging the doors and inserting the drawers


1. Common types of countertops used in affordable housing
2. How a laminated countertop is made
3. Ordering and cutting a pre-fab laminated countertop
4. How to “scribe” and install the backsplashes
5. How to measure, mark and cut out a hole for a sink
6. Different types of sinks and how they attach to a countertop
7. Ways for joining two counters at their “seam”
8. Methods for gluing down a countertop

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