• Maintenance Staff who service and maintain appliances

Taking proper care of appliances during unit turnovers, and other appropriate times will give appliances a much longer life.  This can be a big savings to facilities, which is more important than ever during these times when budgets are shrinking.  Because facilities are now having to do more with less, many agencies are choosing to train their own staff to trouble-shoot, repair, service, clean, and perform preventive maintenance on their appliances.  In response to repeated requests from many Facility Management Departments, TSA has developed this workshop so that Maintenance personnel can learn hands-on how to service and trouble-shoot refrigerators with or without ice makers, gas and electric ranges, dishwashers, and laundry equipment.

The agenda for this workshop will include the most common types of service problems that are encountered in Facility Maintenance when servicing major appliances.  The workshop will also include information on new servicing trends in the Appliance Industry, as well as tips for purchasing new or replacement appliances that require little or no maintenance.  Workshop participants will learn how appliances operate and how to identify various appliance parts.  They will also have opportunities to actually examine and test appliance parts and to study diagrams related to their operation.  All hands-on learning will be performed under the supervision of our experienced workshop leader, who has serviced appliances full time for more than 30 years. TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training. 


Day One:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Day Two:  8:00 am – noon

Major topics that will be covered during the workshop:

  1. Overview – Understanding how major appliances operate
  2. Emergency information for appliance users when breakdowns occur
  3. Tools and techniques of the appliance servicing trade
  4. Safety procedures to be followed when servicing appliances
  5. Reading and understanding appliance ladder diagrams, terms, symbols, & codes
  6. Understanding electricity as it applies to major appliances
  7. Using meters to trouble-shoot
  8. Explanation of the parts in refrigeration systems in refrigerators
  9. Identifying, servicing and testing electrical components of major appliances
  10. Understanding the different types of refrigerators
  11. Trouble-shooting, servicing, cleaning and performing PM on electric ranges & ovens
  12. Trouble-shooting, servicing, cleaning and performing PM on gas ranges & ovens
  13. Trouble-shooting, servicing, cleaning and performing PM on laundry equipment
  14. Trouble-shooting, installing and replacing dishwashers
  15. Tips for ordering the correct, most cost-effective appliance replacement parts
  16. New trends in the appliance industry and how they will affect servicing
  17. Tips for purchasing new or replacement appliances requiring little or no maintenance
  18. Appliance trouble-shooting review

Appliance parts that will be tested during the workshop:

  1. Compressors
  2. Condenser fan motors
  3. Evaporator fan motors
  4. Defrost timers
  5. Thermostats
  6. Defrost thermostats (bi-metal)
  7. Defrost heaters
  8. Relays – overloads

Additional topics that will be covered during the workshop:

  1. Cleaning appliances
  2. Tips for the care of the exterior of appliances
  3. Adjusting thermostats for ranges
  4. Adjusting burners
  5. Ignitor testings
  6. Safety valve testing
  7. Adjusting a gas valve for proper flame height
  8. Adjusting burners for propane

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