This  TSA  workshop  is  designed  for:

  • Office staff working in entry level positions

 PLEASE NOTE:  This training session is Part 1 in a 2-part series pertaining to Office Administration Skills 

A well-trained and motivated office staff is a huge asset to an organization, as well as to the public it serves, and, in fact, it’s been well documented that motivated employees are the key component to having a highly productive organization. Successful businesses and government agencies emphatically state that they enjoy much greater productivity when they make the initial investment to train and motivate their employees.

Employees who feel a bond and share the goals of the organization will show commitment to the overall operation. To accomplish having an office staff function to the best of its ability with a positive attitude requires incorporating effective methods and procedures into their daily tasks, which includes upgrading both hard and soft skills.

This training session teaches important office and interpersonal skills, while at the same time, guiding participants toward discovering their own personal attributes that they can bring to their workplaces.  The skills taught in this workshop will help participants to develop the necessary attitudes that will improve their interactions in both the public and private sectors of their lives.  TSA certificates will be presented to everyone who attends this training session.


First Day:  9:00 am – 4:00 pm   /   Second Day:  8:00 am – Noon 

Major topics that will be covered during this training: 

  1. Refining Personal Traits
    • Ability/Performance skills
    • Attitude/Life-style habits
    • Human relation skills
    • Values-Maslow Theory
  2. Upgrading Current Job Skills
    • Soft skills
    • Hard skills
  3. Exploring Team Building
    • Incorporate a problem-solving model
    • Explore effective tools
  4. Applying Time Management Techniques
    • Identify time wasters
    • Reorganize activities
  5. Organize Your Office
  6. Attending Meetings
    • How not to waste your time
    • Learn to be prepared
    • Decide when to contribute
  7. Using Shortcuts To Increase Job Performance
    • Work smarter on the job
    • Find a solution to function with confidence
  8. Resolving Conflicts In The Workplace
    • Identify a personal problem
    • Suggest a team solution
  9. Participating In Discussion Groups

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PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop needs to be registered for individually OR you can make a note in the comments section of the registration form that you plan to attend BOTH Part 1 and Part 2. If you do this, you do not have to fill in the registration page again for Part 2.

For information on the companion workshop: Skills of Office Administration: Part 2, CLICK HERE

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